Sunday, June 22, 2008

keeping busy

Well, two weeks ago was the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, WI, which I like to call "Bead Mecca." It is that annual pilgrimage for which we travel to spend a bit of cash on beads and tools and... you never know. Personally this year, I was out for patterns and tools. I have created two new bracelets seen here:
new weave on Czech
Lace weave

They are both so delicate. It is nice. The blue is also closed by using a button as the toggle and a loop, which is really neat and I will see if I can work this into some of my other patterns. The green was supposed to have a beaded toggle, but I decided to use a metal toggle instead. I don't know... the whole beaded loop and bar never sits well with me.

A week after that I went to the wedding of my friend Amanda out in Boston. It was a blast to see her happy, to see her parents again and especially to see one of my best friends, Josh. Yup, I had a blast and it ended to quickly.

happy (but little) bride
Josh and I

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