Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finishing big tasks

It feels amazing to be done with a large order. I took it on and now it is done. 50 cards for a church thing and then 10 other cards... that is quite the pile up. One thing that did make it easier is how she picked items out of my Flickr layout. At least then, I just had to make something similar. It is like having premade sketches.

I did try a different technique on one of the fairy cards by using my chalks over the embossing ink. It made it the same, but really pretty in a different way.

I also decided to finally take a picture of the space I usually paper craft. Sure, there is a larger table space but it isn't near all of my stash, so I end up working on a tv tray near the setup. Yeah, it is cramped and needs a change, so when I finally get to move out, this will change.

Oh, and lastly, I decided to make kind of an art journal... just a way to express, so I can explore creativity and the crap floating around in my head. I decided to take something from the Big Ass Book of Crafts and add it to my first try. Here it is:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Expanding my LOs

Okay, so I love this man. He can buff up. He can be funny. He is gorgeous. He has that accent. I am a lost cause.

Gerry, if you are interested in a crafty, nerdy girl... please, look me up.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Having a crafty evening

So, I decided to have a crafty evening and spend my time down in my basement with the television on and surrounded by my fortress of crafty stuff. I managed to put together some of my redone yearbook scrapbook pages, which I can't load here, since they are of people and have names on it. Not that I wouldn't love to share, but blurring out most of the page just doesn't make sense.

Then, since it is both of my aunt's birthdays in the next week, I decided to make two birthday cards for them, but happened to get in spired to just make some other blank ones.

(birtday card one)

(birthday card two)

I decided to see what would happen if I embossed this one with a white/glitter powder on black. Actually very cool, I just wish the camera would have picked up more of the glitter.

Here I used that technique again (from birthday card two), where I also stamped the dress on patterned paper and raised it up with foam dots. I think it looks neat with the continuation of the pattern from the mat.

Finally, I had to clean up my paper supplies and weave together a bracelet, which only needs a clasp. I am actually a bit impressed with myself, and after all that, I am actually posting these items when they are made. Who knew?

Glue Dots versus Zots

I know it doesn't seem like much, but I do have to lean towards Glue Dots. Sure, they seem to stick the same, but for me, it is one big thing. It is easier to get at the Glue Dots individually than the Zots. With Zots having this diagonal setup and two lines going down the paper, I find myself really having to work to position whatever I am trying to add the adhesive to so that it doesn't get two of the dots. It is annoying. For that reason alone, I lean towards Glue Dots. Of course, Glue Dots has the Dot-N-Go, which I like even better, except for the fact that they are even more expensive.